Animated PNG vs. GIF: File Size Optimization

Comparing Formats

When it comes to animated images, both PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) have their advantages. GIF supports animation, while PNG offers higher image quality and transparency. However, when it comes to file size, PNG has a clear edge over GIF.

PNG's Advantage in File Size

In general, PNG files are significantly smaller than GIF files, especially for images with large areas of solid color or gradients. This is because PNG uses a more efficient compression algorithm that can achieve a smaller file size without sacrificing image quality. For example, a 100×100 pixel animated PNG image may only be 100KB, while the same image in GIF format could be 500KB or more.


If file size is a priority, Animated PNG is a better option than GIF. PNG offers smaller file sizes while maintaining image quality and transparency. GIF remains suitable for simple animations with limited colors, but for more complex animations or images with larger file size requirements, PNG is the clear winner.

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