The Love Pit: Saving the Pit Bull, One Rescue at a Time

A Foster-Based Non-Profit with a Heart for the Underdog

Their Mission: To change the narrative and perception of Pit Bulls and other bully breeds.

In the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, lies The Love Pit, a 501c3 foster-based dog rescue with an unwavering mission: to Save the Pit Bull. Founded by a group of like-minded animal lovers, The Love Pit emerged in response to the dire need for advocates for these misunderstood and often-maligned dogs.

Through rescue, rehabilitation, training, and advocacy, The Love Pit works tirelessly to combat the stigma and prejudice surrounding Pit Bulls. They believe that these dogs are deserving of the same love, respect, and opportunities as any other breed, and they strive to create a world where Pit Bulls are celebrated for their unique qualities, not feared for their perceived aggression.

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