Who is Filbert the Squirrel from Animal Crossing?

A Lazy Blue Villager with a Heart of Gold

Filbert, the charming blue squirrel villager, has been a beloved resident of Animal Crossing since its inception. With his laid-back personality and cheerful demeanor, Filbert has captured the hearts of many players.

Early Life and Origins

Filbert was born on October 10th and is a Libra. He first appeared in the original Animal Crossing game on the GameCube and has since been a staple villager in every subsequent installment. Filbert has a unique appearance, with blue fur and a distinctive tuft of hair on his head. His eyes are a piercing blue, and he has a prominent bucktooth that gives him an endearing grin.

Personality and Relationships

Filbert is known for his lazy personality, which means he is often found relaxing or napping. However, he is also friendly and outgoing, and he loves to chat with the player and other villagers. Filbert is a loyal friend and always has a kind word to say. He is also a bit of a foodie, and he loves to snack on nuts and acorns.

In-Game Appearances

Filbert has appeared in all the main Animal Crossing games, including: Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, New Horizons, and Pocket Camp. In each game, he plays a valuable role as a friendly and supportive villager. Players can interact with him, build relationships, and invite him to live in their town or island.

Cultural Impact

Filbert has become a fan favorite among the Animal Crossing community. His unique appearance, lazy personality, and friendly nature have made him an iconic figure in the series. He is often featured in fan art, cosplay, and merchandise. Filbert has also made appearances in other Nintendo games, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Filbert the blue squirrel is a charismatic and beloved character from Animal Crossing. His lazy personality, friendly demeanor, and endearing appearance have won him a special place in the hearts of players. Whether you are a seasoned Animal Crossing veteran or a new player, be sure to welcome Filbert to your town or island. He will bring joy and laughter to your virtual community.

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