Animal-Assisted Intervention: Enhancing Human Health and Wellbeing


Animal-assisted intervention (AAI) has emerged as a promising therapeutic approach that harnesses the unique bond between humans and animals to promote health and wellbeing. Encompassing four distinct areas, AAI offers a range of benefits that address diverse physical, emotional, and cognitive needs.

Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA)

AAA involves engaging with animals in non-therapeutic settings, such as visiting a zoo or farm. These activities provide opportunities for socialization, stress reduction, and overall enjoyment.

Animal-Assisted Education (AAE)

AAE utilizes animals to enhance educational experiences. By interacting with animals, students can learn about animal welfare, environmental conservation, and the importance of empathy.

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT)

AAT is a structured intervention that incorporates animals into therapeutic sessions. This approach has been shown to improve mental health, reduce pain, and enhance physical functioning in individuals with a variety of conditions.

AAT in Occupational Therapy

Within occupational therapy, AAT plays a significant role in promoting pasien psychological, emotional, and physical health. By fostering positive relationships with animals, therapists can help patients improve their social skills, reduce anxiety, and increase their independence.

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