Vadodara: Animal Welfare Organization VCARE Completes 23 Years, Saving Over 30,000 Stray Animal Lives

Vadodara-based animal welfare organization VCARE celebrated its 23rd anniversary on Wednesday, marking a milestone in its mission to provide medical assistance and care to stray animals in the city.

VCARE's Dedication to Animal Welfare

VCARE, founded in 1999, has a dedicated team of over 1200 volunteers who have tirelessly worked to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide medical treatment to thousands of stray animals. Over the past 23 years, VCARE has saved the lives of more than 30,000 animals, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to animal welfare.

Services Offered by VCARE

VCARE provides a comprehensive range of services to stray animals, including:

  • Emergency medical assistance for injured and distressed animals
  • Education and awareness programs in schools, clubs, and housing societies
  • Veterinary training opportunities for vet students

Recognition and Future Goals

VCARE's dedication has been recognized by the community and government agencies. The organization has received numerous awards and accolades for its work, including the prestigious “Animal Welfare Award” from the Government of Gujarat. As VCARE looks to the future, it remains committed to expanding its services and reaching even more animals in need.

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