Reliance Animation: A Leading Force in Indian Animation

Award-Winning Studio with a Focus on Storytelling

Reliance Animation has established itself as an award-winning animation studio in India, known for delivering captivating and IP-driven content. Its partnership with renowned filmmaker Rohit Shetty has further cemented its position as one of the leading and fastest-growing animation studios in the country.

Reviving the Culture of Storytelling

Reliance Animation is driven by a profound commitment to revive the rich tradition of storytelling in Indian animation. They believe that animasi can bring people together, spark imaginations, and inspire creativity.

Education and Industry Collaboration

In addition to its production work, Reliance Animation is also heavily involved in education and collaboration with prestigious universities such as Savitri Bai Phule Pune University and Sandip University Nashik. These partnerships provide industry-specific education and bridge the gap between academia and the animation industry.


Reliance Animation stands as a beacon of excellence in Indian animation, consistently pushing the boundaries of storytelling and innovation. Its dedication to reviving the culture of storytelling, combined with its commitment to education and industry collaboration, positions the studio as a driving force in the future of Indian animation.

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