Become an Animal Attendant: Everything You Need to Know

What is an Animal Attendant?

An Animal Attendant is a responsible professional who provides essential care and assistance to animals in various settings, such as animal shelters, kennels, pet shops, and zoos.

Qualifications and Training

Formal Qualifications

While it is possible to work as an Animal Attendant without formal qualifications, obtaining a VET course in animal studies or enrolling in a Certificate II in Animal Care can significantly enhance your knowledge and skills.

Informal Training

For those without formal qualifications, on-the-job training under the supervision of experienced Animal Attendants is common. This training includes hands-on experience in animal handling, feeding, grooming, and basic veterinary care.

Job Responsibilities

Animal Attendants typically perform the following duties:

  • Feeding and watering animals
  • Cleaning and maintaining animal enclosures
  • Observing and monitoring animal behavior
  • Assisting with veterinary procedures and medication administration
  • Interacting with customers and providing information about animal care


Becoming an Animal Attendant offers a rewarding career path for individuals who are passionate about animals. With or without formal qualifications, the opportunity to work hands-on with animals and contribute to their well-being can be incredibly fulfilling. If you have a compassionate heart and a desire to make a difference in the lives of animals, consider exploring a career as an Animal Attendant.

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