Animal Healthcare in India: Bridging the Protein Gap and Empowering Inclusive Growth

India's Animal Health Industry: A Vital Contributor

India's animal health industry plays a crucial role in supporting the country's food security and overall economic growth. With the mission of feeding billions, the industry has been diligently working to bridge the protein gap prevalent in carbohydrate-dominated diets. Animal healthcare companies in India are striving to meet the growing demand for safe and affordable animal products.

Zenex Animal Health India Private Limited: A Leader in Animal Healthcare

Zenex Animal Health India Private Limited is a leading animal healthcare company in India. It is dedicated to advancing inclusive animal healthcare, providing farmers with innovative solutions to improve animal health and productivity. The company's efforts contribute significantly to India's mission of achieving food security and ensuring a healthy and prosperous animal health ecosystem.

Alivira Animal Health Limited: India's Global Animal Health Company

Alivira Animal Health Limited holds the distinction of being India's largest and the country's first global integrated animal health company. Specializing in the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Alivira Animal Health Limited provides essential veterinary medicines and healthcare products to meet the needs of animals globally.

Virbac Animal Health India Private Limited: Quality and Effectiveness in Animal Care

Virbac Animal Health India Private Limited is recognized for its high-quality, safe, and effective veterinary medicines and feed supplements for livestock and poultry. The company's commitment to animal well-being ensures the provision of innovative and reliable solutions to farmers and veterinarians.

The Future of Animal Healthcare in India

The animal health market in India is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The India animal health market size reached INR 800 Billion in 2023, and IMARC Group anticipates continued growth in the future. This expansion reflects the increasing demand for animal products, the adoption of advanced farming practices, and the government's focus on promoting animal health and welfare.

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