Animal Physiology: Providing a Solid Foundation in Biological Mechanisms

Understanding Physiological Adaptations to Environmental Challenges

The Animal Physiology concentration offers a comprehensive education in the fundamental physiological mechanisms that govern animal life. Students explore how animals overcome physiological challenges posed by their surrounding environment, gaining insights into the fascinating adaptations that allow them to thrive in diverse ecosystems.

Foundational Knowledge and Practical Applications

The course delves into the basic physiological principles that underpin animal functions, laying a solid foundation for understanding advanced physiological concepts. Students also gain hands-on experience through laboratory investigations, enabling them to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Interdisciplinary Connections

Animal physiology is inextricably linked to other scientific disciplines, such as ecology, behavior, and conservation. The concentration fosters interdisciplinary connections, allowing students to appreciate the broader context of animal physiology and its significance in understanding the natural world.

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