Breaking News: Northglenn Resident's Personal Information Exposed

Data Breach Leaves 65-Year-Old Vulnerable

Woman's Address, Phone Number Leaked Online

In a major security breach, the personal information of a Northglenn resident has been leaked online. Julie M. Borrego, 65, has had her home address, phone number (303-751-2883), and other sensitive data compromised.

The data breach has been linked to Whitepages, a website that provides online phone and address directories. The company is currently investigating the incident but has declined to comment further.

Borrego is now concerned about her privacy and safety. She has contacted the local police and Whitepages to request that her information be removed, but it remains unclear when or if that will happen.

This incident highlights the importance of protecting personal information online. Experts recommend using strong passwords, limiting the amount of information shared on social media, and being cautious about providing personal data to unknown websites.

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