Princess Cruises: Exploring the Fleet by Size

From the Largest to the Smallest

Princess Cruises boasts a diverse fleet of ships, ranging from the most spacious vessels to the more intimate ones. With sizes varying significantly, each ship offers a unique experience for travelers.

The Largest Ship

Set to launch in 2024, the Sun Princess will be the largest Princess cruise ship with a gross tonnage of 175,500. This colossal vessel will accommodate approximately 4,500 guests, offering a grand experience with a plethora of amenities and entertainment options.

The Smallest Ship

In terms of gross tonnage, the Coral Princess is the smallest Princess Cruises ship, with a gross tonnage of 91,627. This intimate vessel carries 2,000 passengers, providing a cozy and more personalized sailing experience.

Number of Passengers

When it comes to passenger capacity, the Coral Princess also remains the smallest in the fleet. Despite her relatively smaller size, she offers a delightful array of facilities and itineraries.


The Princess Cruises fleet offers a wide spectrum of ship sizes, catering to diverse traveler preferences. From the expansive Sun Princess, with its vast selection of amenities, to the intimate Coral Princess, with its cozy ambiance, each ship embodies a unique chapter in the Princess Cruises experience. Whether you seek grand adventures or intimate escapes, the fleet of Princess Cruises ships promises an unforgettable journey on the open seas.

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