Track the Norwegian Bliss: Real-Time Location and Itinerary

Cruise Itinerary and Port Details

Embark on an unforgettable voyage with the Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Cruise Line's state-of-the-art ship. Track its current position on our interactive map and delve into its itinerary, complete with port details:

Current Position

As of this moment, the Norwegian Bliss is located at:
Latitude: 49.28019° N
Longitude: -123.09922° W

Recent Itinerary

To follow the Norwegian Bliss's recent journey, explore its historical track on our map. Observe its speed, course, and past locations.

Itinerary Highlights

Get a glimpse of the ship's upcoming adventures:
– March 10, 2023: Disembark in Seattle, Washington
– March 12, 2023: Depart from Victoria, British Columbia
– March 19, 2023: Arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii

Six Years of Sailing the Seas

Since its maiden voyage in 2018, the Norwegian Bliss has been captivating cruise enthusiasts for six years. Its innovative amenities and exceptional service continue to redefine the cruise experience.

Features and Amenities

Indulge in the Norwegian Bliss's world-class amenities:
– Broadway-style entertainment at the Bliss Theatre
– Breathtaking views from The Waterfront, a wrap-around deck promenade
– Over 20 dining options to cater to every palate
– Aqua Park and Speedway for thrills and excitement

Reviews and Ratings

The Norwegian Bliss consistently receives rave reviews from seasoned cruisers:
– Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Cruise Critic
– Awarded “Best Cruise Ship for Families” by Porthole Cruise Magazine
– Recognized as one of the “Top 10 Cruise Ships in the World” by Travel + Leisure

Stay Connected with the Norwegian Bliss

Follow the Norwegian Bliss's every move and stay up-to-date on its itinerary and current position:
– Visit our website for real-time tracking and detailed itineraries
– Set up price alerts to receive notifications on special offers
– Browse professional reviews and stunning photos of the ship

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