World's Largest Cruise Ship Unveiled

Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas Sets New Record

Oasis Class Continues to Dominate Cruise Industry

Royal Caribbean International has officially unveiled the world's largest cruise ship, the Wonder of the Seas. The massive vessel, measuring 1,188 feet in length and weighing over 230,000 gross tons, surpasses the previous record-holder, the Symphony of the Seas, also owned by Royal Caribbean.

Wonder of the Seas is the fifth ship in the Oasis Class, known for its groundbreaking design and innovative amenities. The ship features a wide range of entertainment options, including Broadway-style shows, a zip line, and an ice skating rink. It also boasts a variety of dining venues, including 20 specialty restaurants and buffet-style options.

With a capacity for over 5,700 passengers and 2,300 crew members, Wonder of the Seas is a true floating city. The ship offers spacious cabins, including family suites and accessible staterooms, and a variety of activity areas for all ages.

Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class continues to dominate the cruise industry, with its ships consistently ranking among the world's largest and most popular. With the introduction of Wonder of the Seas, Royal Caribbean raises the bar for luxury cruising, offering guests an unforgettable experience on the world's grandest floating palace.

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