WEB Cruise Luggage Tags for Royal Caribbean Ships and Celebrity

Cruise Travel Essentials for 2024

Cruise Luggage Tags Compatible with All Cruise Lines

CruisePaks is excited to announce the release of its new WEB Cruise Luggage Tags, the perfect way to protect your cruise luggage and make it easy to identify on the ship. These tags are self-adhesive and arrive cruise-ready, with steel loops and Zip Seal closures to ensure your personal belongings stay safe throughout your trip.

The WEB Cruise Luggage Tags are compatible with all cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. They are also E-tag holders, so you can easily add your cruise line's electronic luggage tag to track your bags.

To order your WEB Cruise Luggage Tags, simply select the cruise line you are cruising on and order a pack of three. Your tags will arrive cruise-ready and can be picked up at CruisePaks Home Base.

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