Smoke-Free Policies: Royal Caribbean's Commitment

Designated Smoking Areas on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

Royal Caribbean International, a renowned cruise line, adheres to a strict smoke-free policy in all interior public spaces, including dining venues, theaters, bars, and lounges. This comprehensive approach ensures a healthy and enjoyable environment for all guests.

Understanding the Non-Smoking Designation

Royal Caribbean cruise ships are designated as non-smoking vessels. This means that smoking is prohibited throughout the majority of the ship's interior. The designation recognizes the importance of providing a smoke-free environment for passengers, crew members, and visitors alike.

Designated Smoking Areas for Guests' Convenience

Despite the non-smoking designation, Royal Caribbean understands that some guests may wish to smoke. To accommodate these guests, designated smoking areas are available in specific outdoor locations on the ship. These areas are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for smokers while ensuring minimal disruption to non-smokers.

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