Cruise Ship Tendering: A Guide for Passengers

What is Cruise Ship Tendering?

Tendering is a process that occurs when a cruise ship cannot dock directly at a port. Instead, passengers are transferred to shore via lifeboats or local boats.

When is Tendering Used?

Tendering is typically used when the water is too shallow or the port is too small to accommodate the cruise ship.

What to Expect During Tendering

When tendering is necessary, passengers will be notified by the cruise line. Passengers will typically gather in a designated area on the ship and wait to be called for their turn to board a tender boat. The tender boat will then take passengers to shore, where they will be able to disembark and explore the port.

Tips for Tendering

* Arrive at the designated tendering area early to avoid long lines. * Be sure to have your cruise card and passport or other required documents with you. * Dress comfortably and wear shoes that are easy to walk in, as you may have to walk a short distance from the tender boat to shore. * Be aware of the time and location of your return tender. * If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to consult with a crew member.

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