Cruise Tips for Your Next Adventure

Maximize Your Perks: Join a Loyalty Program

Take advantage of freebies and exclusive benefits by signing up for your cruise line's loyalty program. Most programs offer discounts, priority boarding, and room upgrades.

Avoid Surprises: Manage Mobile Phone Charges

To dodge unexpected charges, switch your phone to airplane mode before boarding. If you need to stay connected, research roaming options or consider using the ship's Wi-Fi instead.

Stay Connected: Enjoy Free Wi-Fi

Norwegian Cruise Line often offers “Free at Sea” promotions that include complimentary Wi-Fi. Take advantage of this perk to stay in touch with loved ones and share your adventures online.

Stay Informed: Onboard Communication

For family and friends traveling together, Carnival Cruise Line through Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) provides an advanced roaming network onboard, making it easy to communicate within the ship.

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