Abra Allows Users to Buy Crypto from All 7-Eleven Stores in the Philippines

Cryptocurrency made convenient

Abra's latest partnership makes buying crypto in the Philippines easier than ever

Thanks to a new partnership between Abra and 7-Eleven, users in the Philippines can now buy cryptocurrency at any of the convenience store's 3,000+ locations. This is a major development for crypto adoption in the country, as it makes it much easier for people to get started with digital assets.

To buy crypto at 7-Eleven, users simply need to download the Abra app and create an account. They can then go to any 7-Eleven store and scan the QR code at the counter. The app will then prompt the user to enter the amount of crypto they want to buy and confirm the purchase. The crypto will then be deposited into the user's Abra wallet.

This partnership is a major step forward for crypto adoption in the Philippines. 7-Eleven is one of the most popular convenience store chains in the country, and its vast network of locations will make it much easier for people to buy crypto. This is likely to lead to a significant increase in the number of Filipinos who own crypto, and it could also help to boost the country's economy.

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