Unveiling the Meaning Behind Corps Washer Necklaces

Exploring the Symbolism and Significance

Within the vibrant world of jewelry, the corps washer necklace stands as a powerful symbol of remembrance and resilience. Steeped in rich tradition, this pendant holds profound significance, particularly for those who have lost loved ones in military service.

Symbolic Meaning

The corps washer necklace, also known as a washer necklace, is typically crafted using two metal washers. The larger washer represents the deceased soldier, while the smaller washer symbolizes the person who cared for them during their final moments. This intimate bond is immortalized in the interlocking design of the necklace.

The washers often bear inscriptions of the soldier's name, rank, and unit. These details serve as a constant reminder of the fallen hero and the sacrifice they made. The act of wearing the necklace symbolizes the wearer's deep connection to the soldier and their unwavering determination to honor their memory.

Historical Roots

The origins of corps washer necklaces can be traced back to the American Civil War. During this conflict, volunteer women known as “washers” tended to the wounds of fallen soldiers and prepared them for burial. As a token of their service, they were often given a washer from the soldier's uniform.

Over time, the corps washer necklace evolved into a symbol of remembrance for all who have lost loved ones in military service. It has become particularly prevalent among Gold Star families, who have had a direct connection to a soldier who died in the line of duty.

Modern Significance

Today, corps washer necklaces continue to be a powerful symbol of remembrance and support. They are worn not only by family members but also by veterans, military personnel, and those who wish to show their respect for those who have served and sacrificed.

The necklace serves as a reminder of the importance of honoring our fallen heroes and supporting their loved ones. It is a tangible representation of the enduring bonds that connect us to those we have lost and inspires us to live our lives with purpose and gratitude.


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