Adorable Farm Animal Finger Puppets for Preschoolers


  • Free printable templates (see link below)
  • Cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: Download and Print the Templates

Visit the link below to download the free printable templates for the farm animals you want to make.

Download Templates

Step 2: Cut Out the Parts

Use scissors to cut out all the parts of the animal you chose.

Step 3: Glue the Parts Together

Apply glue to the tabs on the head and body parts and glue them together. Repeat for the arms and legs.

Step 4: Add the Details

Glue on any additional details, such as ears, tails, or eyes. You can also add your own creative touches, such as markers or crayons.

Step 5: Play and Learn!

Your adorable farm animal finger puppets are now ready for some pretend play. Use them to tell stories, sing songs, or teach preschoolers about farm animals.

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