How to Render a Still Image with a Transparent Background in VEGAS 14 Through 17

Unresolved Issue

Despite following the same procedure in previous versions of VEGAS, users continue to encounter an unresolved issue when attempting to keyframe the parameters of most effects and render a still image with a transparent background in VEGAS 14 through 17.

Potential Workarounds

While a permanent solution has yet to be found, some users have reported success with the following workarounds:

– Ensure that the image file you are using has a transparent background in the first place. Check the image's properties or use an image editing software to verify.

– Place the still image on a separate track from the background and align them precisely. Adjust the background track's blend mode to “Screen” or “Add”.

– Use a third-party compositing software, such as After Effects or Nuke, to create the transparent background effect and then import the resulting footage into VEGAS.


While these workarounds may provide temporary solutions, the lack of a permanent fix remains a persistent issue that has left many users frustrated. Until an official resolution is released, users are advised to explore these alternative methods or seek support from the VEGAS community for further assistance.

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