Karrot Animation Studio Warns of Impersonators

Job Postings and Contact Information

Karrot Animation Studio, a renowned London-based animation studio, has issued a public notice regarding unauthorized job postings circulating under its name. The studio emphasizes that it solely hires for specific projects, and roles become available periodically.

Individuals interested in potential vacancies are encouraged to reach out to Karrot directly and submit their portfolios for consideration. However, the studio cautions against responding to or engaging with job postings from unknown sources.

Impersonation and Unauthorized Links

Karrot has become aware of individuals posing as the company and posting fraudulent job advertisements. The studio strongly advises the public to disregard any such postings and avoid clicking on suspicious links or engaging with parties unrelated to Karrot's official communication channels.

Karrot's official LinkedIn page, which has over 9,980 followers, serves as the primary platform for authentic job postings and updates. Candidates are reminded to verify the legitimacy of any communication purporting to come from the studio.

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