Assisi Animal Sanctuary: Providing a Haven for Companion Animals

A Local Charity with a Heart for Animals

Established in 1997, Assisi Animal Sanctuary has been dedicated to providing shelter and care for up to 700 companion animals in Northern Ireland. As an independent animal welfare charity, Assisi stands tall as a shining beacon of hope for animals in need.

Rehoming Process Enhanced for a Brighter Future

To ensure the best possible outcomes for both animals and their potential adopters, Assisi has meticulously updated its rehoming process. Now, prospective adopters can conveniently find their perfect match on the sanctuary's website and submit an application form available on each animal's profile.

Before embarking on the adoption journey, applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the essential information provided by Assisi to ensure a well-informed and responsible decision.

A Sanctuary of Love and Compassion

Assisi Animal Sanctuary is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and care. With an incredible record of rescuing and rehoming over 2000 dogs and cats, the charity stands as a beacon of light in the animal welfare landscape of Northern Ireland.

As the largest independent animal welfare charity in County Down, Assisi serves as a sanctuary where abandoned, neglected, and unwanted animals find solace, hope, and a second chance at a loving home.

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