Fantasy Anime Garners Immense Popularity

Top-Rated Genres in Anime

A recent study has revealed the most popular genres in anime, with fantasy taking the lead. The study analyzed the number of viewers and ratings for thousands of anime titles across various platforms. Fantasy anime, which features magical powers, supernatural creatures, and otherworldly elements, emerged as the most popular genre, accounting for 22% of all titles. Other popular genres included action (24%), adventure (22%), comedy (18%), and drama (11%).

Sub-Genre Breakdown

Within the fantasy genre, sub-genres such as “Magical powers” (5758), “Animation” (98), “Drama” (76), “Comedy” (53), and “Action” (51) were the most prevalent. Additionally, titles featuring “Unnatural creatures” (22), “Romance” (29), and “Thriller” (28) also garnered significant numbers of viewers.

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