The Complete Guide to Obtaining a Metronome in Animal Crossing


The metronome is a unique and useful furniture item in the Animal Crossing series. It can be placed on any surface in your home or outside, and it will play a steady beat to help you keep time while playing your favorite tunes. In this guide, we will show you how to get a metronome in every first-generation Animal Crossing game.

Getting the Metronome in Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, the metronome can be purchased from Tom Nook's store, Nook's Cranny. It will cost you 1,300 Bells.

Using the Metronome

Once you have purchased the metronome, you can place it anywhere in your home or outside. To use it, simply press the A button. The metronome will start playing a steady beat. You can adjust the tempo of the beat by pressing the B button. The metronome will continue to play until you press the A button again.


The metronome is a great way to keep time while playing music in Animal Crossing. It is a versatile item that can be used in a variety of ways, so be sure to pick one up if you are a fan of the series.

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