Creatures That Defy Gravity

Tree-Climbing Mammals

Examples of animals that climb trees include baboons, lizards, pandas, badgers, and cougars.

Gecko's Adhesive Feet

More than half of the world's gecko species have special adhesive pads on their feet that let them cling to surfaces.

Frogs: Color, Diversity, and Sound

Frogs are colorful, diverse, and create catchy sounds. There are over 100 species of frogs in North America.

Ceiling-Walkers: A Mystery

How are ants and other creatures able to walk on the ceiling? Welcome to a slithering mystery that has puzzled many.

A Child's Curiosity

Tsubamé, age eight, wants to know why gravity doesn't bother ants and other creatures that can climb up walls or ceilings.

The answer lies in the remarkable adaptations of these creatures. From gecko's adhesive feet to ants' ability to create a vacuum, these animals overcome gravity's pull through ingenious strategies.

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