Animals as Leaders: The Pioneering Instrumental Progressive Metal Trio

Origins and Concept

Animals as Leaders is an American instrumental progressive metal band that emerged in 2009 from Los Angeles, California. The band's unique and innovative sound is characterized by complex and intricate guitar work, coupled with atmospheric and ethereal textures.

Tosio Abasi: The Creative Force Behind Animals as Leaders

The band's founder and driving force is Tosin Abasi, an acclaimed guitarist known for his extraordinary technical abilities and experimental approach to the instrument. As a classically trained musician, Abasi combines elements of jazz, fusion, and metal to create a distinctive and boundary-pushing musical style.

Instrumentation and Trio Format

Animals as Leaders has evolved into a trio format featuring Tosin Abasi on guitar, Javier Reyes on guitar, and Matt Garstka on drums. The trio's instrumental configuration allows for a greater emphasis on musical interplay and improvisation, resulting in a dynamic and captivating live experience.

Genre-Defying Style

Animals as Leaders' music defies easy categorization. The band's progressive metal foundations are blended with elements of jazz fusion, ambient music, and Eastern influences. Their compositions showcase virtuosic guitar solos, intricate rhythms, and atmospheric soundscapes, creating a unique and genre-bending musical experience.

Critical Acclaim and Influence

Animals as Leaders have garnered critical acclaim for their innovative sound and instrumental prowess. The band has released several critically acclaimed albums and has toured extensively around the world. Their music has influenced countless musicians and has been featured in various films, television shows, and video games.

Reimagining and Reinterpreting

Animals as Leaders are renowned for their ability to reimagine and reinterpret musical concepts. Their cover versions of classic rock and pop songs have become a signature of the band, showcasing their unique approach to arrangement and improvisation.


Animals as Leaders are a visionary and groundbreaking instrumental progressive metal band that continues to push the boundaries of musical expression. Their technical dexterity, genre-bending style, and innovative approach to music-making have established them as one of the most influential and respected bands in the modern metal landscape.

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