Cruise Ship Abandoned After Collision

Over 150 Passengers Evacuated

Imperfect Safety Record Raises Concerns

London, England (CNN) — More than 150 people have abandoned a sinking cruise liner that collided with an iceberg in the icy waters off Antarctica. The MS Explorer, a small cruise ship with an imperfect security record, was on the verge of sinking Friday after it struck the iceberg.

The ship's captain ordered the evacuation of all passengers and crew members after the collision. The passengers were taken to lifeboats and then transferred to a nearby ship.

The MS Explorer has a history of safety violations. In 2007, the ship was detained by the U.S. Coast Guard after failing a safety inspection. The ship was also involved in a collision with a fishing boat in 2010.

The sinking of the MS Explorer raises concerns about the safety of cruise ships. The ship's imperfect safety record suggests that there may be systemic problems with the cruise industry's safety standards.

The Maritime Executive, a shipping industry news website, reported that the MS Explorer sank in the Bransfield Strait off King George Island, Antarctica. The website said that the ship's hull was breached and that it was taking on water.

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