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Unleash the Beverage Bonanza Aboard PO Cruises

Cheers to the Perfect Getaway

Discover a World of Liquid Delights

Embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure aboard PO Cruises, where every sip unveils a new world of flavors. Indulge in one of our four incredible drinks packages, each carefully curated to complement your unforgettable vacation.

Say goodbye to worries about exorbitant drink expenses and embrace a hassle-free beverage experience. Our packages offer a fixed price per person, ensuring you can savor every moment without the burden of hefty bills.

Drinks Packages Designed for Every Occasion

Choose from our meticulously crafted packages to suit every preference and budget. Arcadia's exclusive dining options provide an array of culinary treats to accompany your beverages.

Unwind with a Coffee Break

Just steps away from Arcadia's vibrant shops, our inviting coffee shop offers a serene oasis for taking a break and soaking up the ambiance. Located on the starboard side of Promenade Deck, it's the perfect spot to sip your favorite brew while watching the world go by.

Cheers to Responsible Enjoyment

We prioritize responsible beverage consumption and offer up to 15 alcoholic drinks per day per package. Beyond this limit, drinks will be charged at full price with a generous 20% discount. All non-alcoholic beverages are included in the package, ensuring refreshing hydration throughout your cruise.

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