Cryptocurrency All-Time Highs and Drops

Track the Market's Peaks and Valleys

Stay informed with our comprehensive data on cryptocurrency all-time high (ATH) prices. Explore the historical peaks and valleys of your favorite coins and gain insights into their market performance.

ATH and Days Since ATH

Discover when each cryptocurrency reached its ATH and the number of days since it hit that milestone. This information provides valuable context for understanding the current market conditions and identifying potential trends.

ATH Drop and Days Since New ATH

Monitor the decline in cryptocurrency prices from their ATHs and the time elapsed since they reached new ATHs. These metrics offer a gauge of the market's volatility and help you make informed trading decisions.

With CoinCodex, you have access to all the data you need to stay informed about the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. Our easy-to-understand charts and metrics empower you to make wise investment choices and navigate the market with confidence.

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