Carnival Cruise Line's Biggest Ships

Massive and Majestic

Carnival Cruise Line boasts an impressive fleet of 27 ships, catering to various preferences and itineraries. Among them are the true giants of the sea, ships that tower over the waterline and offer unparalleled experiences for cruise enthusiasts.

Carnival Celebration and Jubilee: The Current Champions

The title of largest Carnival ship currently belongs to the recently launched Carnival Celebration, a 183,521-gross-ton behemoth that measures 963 feet (294 meters) in length. Hot on its heels is the highly anticipated Carnival Jubilee, scheduled to set sail in late 2023. With a slightly larger gross tonnage of 183,900, the Jubilee promises to be a formidable addition to the Carnival family.

By the Numbers: Carnival's Biggest Ships

Carnival Jubilee (2023) – 183,900 gross tons, 963 feet (294 meters) in length Carnival Celebration (2022) – 183,521 gross tons, 963 feet (294 meters) in length Carnival Mardi Gras (2021) – 181,808 gross tons, 952 feet (290 meters) in length Carnival Vista (2016) – 145,285 gross tons, 1,055 feet (322 meters) in length Carnival Breeze (2012) – 130,000 gross tons, 1,023 feet (312 meters) in length

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